Ethereum Builder's Guide

With CMake and Visual Studio Express 12.0 (VS2013)

Initial configuration

Ensure you have installed:

Get the source

Execute the following step to download the latest source code

C:\> git clone

Retrieve dependecies

Execute the following commands within a command shell to download all dependencies:

1. Getting dependencies

cd extdep 
C:\cpp-ethereum\extdep> getstuff.bat # you must run this script from extdep directory!

Note: The 'Debug'-configuration is also supported.

Build Ethereum project

Execute the following commands within a command shell to build the project:

2. Generate solution with CMake

First generate the ethereum solution and visual studio project files

cd ..
mkdir build
cd build
C:\cpp-ethereum\build> cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" .. # for cmake 2.8.12, or ...
C:\cpp-ethereum\build> cmake .. # for cmake 3.x, or ...
C:\cpp-ethereum\build> cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 2013 Win64" .. # for cmake 3.x x64 build

Note: In-source build (running cmake in root directory) is not currently supported.

3. Compile with Visual Studio

double click on ethereum.sln, open open project and then click Build, or:

compile from command line

C:\cpp-ethereum\build> msbuild ethereum.sln /p:Configuration=Release

Note: The 'Debug'-configuration is also supported.

Fresh builds

After setting up the dependencies and running your first successful build, unless there are changes to any of the dependencies, you can make a fresh build from the latest code much faster by just fetching the new code and rebuilding.

  1. In the directory C:\cpp-ethereum>, run the command git pull.
  2. Enter C:\cpp-ethereum\build> and remove CMakeCache.txt
  3. Re-run steps 2 & 3.