Ethereum Builder's Guide

Although Mavericks is required for compiling the app, the app has been tested to run on 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10.

Build with Homebrew

For the stable branch:

brew tap ethereum/ethereum
brew install cpp-ethereum --build-from-source
brew linkapps cpp-ethereum

For the development branch:

brew reinstall cpp-ethereum --devel --build-from-source
brew linkapps cpp-ethereum

Add the --with-gui option to also build AlethZero and the Mix IDE.

Then open /Applications/, eth (CLI) or neth (ncurses interface)

For options and patches, see:

Manual Build


Install dependencies

Using homebrew:

brew install boost --c++11 # this takes a while
brew install boost-python --c++11
brew install cmake qt5 cryptopp miniupnpc leveldb gmp libmicrohttpd libjson-rpc-cpp

Or, using MacPorts:

port install boost +universal # this takes a while
port install cmake qt5-mac libcryptopp miniupnpc leveldb gmp
(probably missing libmicrohttpd and libjson-rpc-cpp)

Clone source repo and create build folder

git clone
cd cpp-ethereum
mkdir -p build # create build folder ('build' ignored by git)


cd build
cmake ..
make -j6
make install

This will also install the cli tool and libs into /usr/local.

XCode Instructions

From the project root:

mkdir build_xc
cd build_xc
cmake -G Xcode ..

This will generate an xcode project file along with some configs for you: ethereum.xcodeproj . Open this file in XCode and you should be able to build the project


Linking errors can usually be resolved by ensuring correct paths:

export LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib # this is MacPorts's default

Make sure your macdeployqt can be found. Ethereum expects it to be in /usr/local/opt/qt5/bin/macdeployqt so symlink it if it's not:

ln -s `which macdeployqt` /usr/local/opt/qt5/bin/macdeployqt

If you're not planning to develop, make sure you are building from the master branch, not from develop or any others. These branches can often be broken or have other requirements.